Business Law – Fraud In Business

The Fraud Act 2006 was introduced to set out how a business should deal with fraud. Business owners will need to ensure that they have a policy in place which explains the procedures when faced with fraudulent activity. You can save a lot of time and money by having a fraud policy put in place when you start your business if you do happen to become a victim of fraud. A fraud policy will allow you to act quickly and efficiently to deal with the problem.

The definition of fraud is any dishonest act which is undertaken to gain something or cause a loss to someone else. The Fraud Act 2006 defines three main types of business fraud;

The first is fraud by false representation. False representation is the act of making false statements that are created in order to deceive the person receiving them. A false statement can be made orally or in writing. In terms of the effect that this has on businesses, this Act generally means that they cannot publish material that is misleading, dishonest or deceptive with the intent of gaining from its publication. An example of this would be to make misleading statements about winning awards for the services that the company in question provides.

The second type of fraud is fraud by failing to disclose information. In business law all companies are legally required to disclose details about their share dealings, any contracts that are intended to be shared amongst the directors of the company, information for the company’s investors; such as profits and losses and any kind of knowledge that would normally be expected to be shared in a fiduciary capacity with the company.

The third type of business fraud is fraud by abuse of position. This focuses on the act of those in charge of the company using their power dishonestly in order to gain something whether that be gaining more money or sealing business deals. This section of the Act puts forward that those in charge of companies should work in the company and shareholder’s best interests. They should also not start a transaction which would gain them significant financial benefit while affecting the rest of the company negatively. It is also against the law to use insider information or to manipulate the market in their favour.

All companies must comply with The Fraud Act. If you own a company, the easiest way to make sure that you comply is to put in place a Fraud Prevention Policy. The policy should include you companys’ commitment to combating fraud and corruption wherever it may be found. It should detail what steps will be taken if fraud is found within your company including how to recover any funds and the right to dismiss those that acted fraudulently. You should ensure that your fraud prevention policy is updated regularly and that all staff are made fully aware of it.

Marriage :: 3 Divorce Law Myths in Australia

However the majority of divorces never make it to court and only about 5% actually have a judge that makes the final decision. In most cases your lawyer will be able to reach a settlement with the other party without standing before a judge.

Half All Assets and Property

Again only 5% of divorce claims settle property and assets before a judge, as the majority of claims are settled outside of court. Even when settling before a judge, the chance of receiving equal amounts is very rare. The truth is child custody is decided by 3 factors; firstly the child’s age and their ability to decide which parent is in their best interest.

The majority of simple answers surrounding divorce law are myths, because they cannot be explained briefly. There are a few legislations that state equal child custody however these legislations are not mandatory. The majority of divorce claims reach a mutual agreement between the two parties before entering the courtroom.

The Jury Decides

Nearly all matters concerning family law will not have a jury and will only have a judge. Lastly is the practicality of the arrangement, including the distance from school and other facilities the href=””> child requires. A lot of television shows, such as Boston Legal will have many viewers believing that divorce is a complicated and daunting process. Another myth surrounding child custody is that there is a high abuse rate. A qualified divorce lawyer can answer all questions relating to your divorce claim, including child custody, courtroom affairs and division of assets and property. Rather home duties are weighed together and the home maker will in most cases receive read more up to 70%.

There are many myths about the laws that govern divorce in Australia. In contrast to what many people believe, the earning capacity of each spouse is not the basis for the division of property and assets. The abuse rate is actually higher in intact families as opposed blog to separated families where both parents have custody.. The only exception is criminal acts, which are not treated as family law and are handled differently.

Equal Child Custody

The idea that children will receive equal custody by both parents is not true and neither is the thought that mother’s receive more custody. There are cases where the main home carer will not receive the majority of property and assets, and that is when assets exceed an exceptional amount, such as property over one million dollars.

Secondly, the safety of the venue the child will be residing, including the home, contents and the surrounding area. If you are serious about a divorce claim, then you should consult a professional family divorce lawyer. The assistance of a lawyer will speed up the process and will guide you through any complications along the way. The best way is to jump online and Google family lawyers in your area.

For example the father may be more employable than the mother; however the mother has more home caring skills and will most likely end up with a larger settlement. Divorce claims are read more held in family or federal courts, where only a judge, registrar or magistrate is present

Trucks :: Operate Your Tree Truck In Accordance with the Law!

The House of Representatives boosted the trucking industry by passing the United States Code called Safe and Efficient Transport Act of 2011 (HR-763) which allows the weight of the truck on public roads to be from 80,000 pounds to 97,000 pounds.

By most traffic rules and regulations, those operating a tree truck are entitled to the right-of-way depending on the rules governing each individual highway; however, this is not an absolute right. The side of the hauling truck should have a read more minimum of two stakes on both sides.

It is vital to know and understand the laws and regulations that exist to ensure the safe transportation of logs on the road. Failure to yield the right-of-way to other vehicles may result in an accident due to the actions of the truck driver which could involve liability issues relating click here to property damage and injury which could ultimately result in fines.

Equipment Inspection

Employers and employees of trucking services must abide by certain laws and regulations for the safe transportation of logs on the road. Department of Transportation regulation states that the logging industry must use crib tree trucks to transport lumber; the maximum allowable length of the cut trees can be 70 to 75 feet if there are additional safety devices added to both ends. Department of Transportation states that truck drivers are expected to abide by the speed limits posted by the local, state or federal government. Those people who own and operate any tree truck must be familiar with and abide by pertinent local, state and federal rules and regulations regarding the hauling and the transportation of logs on public highways.

The government regulates heavy hauling on public roads read more to decrease the damage to the entire roadway system. Tree truck operators must be aware of the heavy hauling regulations in the area where their trucks will be driven since laws may vary from state to state. Failure to conform to these click here provisions may result in punishment by law.

In addition, tree truck operators are not allowed to drive transport trucks unless the logs they are transporting are secured with chains, sideboards, stakes, front and rear head boards, front gates and end gates that are powerful enough to hold the load in place and prevent it from shifting or falling from the truck. Additionally, the regulation stipulates that trailer combination should not exceed 65 feet, except when the transporting device is designed to transport lumber.

There are certain weight limits when lumber is being transported on federal highways. Drivers are encouraged to remain within the stated highway speed limits to maintain safety at all times and to be in compliance with the speed limit.

Right-of-Way. Truck Maximum Length

Weight Limit

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) 392.7.a.b states that all drivers must inspect the truck before operation and ensure that the vehicle is in good working condition. Therefore, it should be exercised in a rational manner giving full consideration to the safety of other drivers who could be directly involved. Check with the Department of Transportation for the allowable weight limits regarding the transportation of logs on public roads. Every logging truck operator must be familiar with the laws by which every heavy-duty truck driver must abide that cover the hauling of heavy loads. If necessary, hauling permits should be obtained before transporting logs to the processing plant.

The U.S. Driving commercial vehicles that carry loads weighing thousands of pounds is a powerful force that can put the operator and others at risk.

Speed Limit

This is the reason why heavy-duty hauling rules and regulations were created: to maintain safety and a proper flow of traffic on crowded streets and busy highways. Above all, to avoid unwanted fines and criminal charges, drivers must operate their tree trucks in accordance with the law!

The U.S. The driver must not operate the vehicle unless the service and parking brakes, steering wheel, lighting devices, tires, horn, windshield wipers and mirrors are in good working condition

Inside the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

It’s a multi-million-dollar secret kept under wraps every year. Six undisclosed locations, 18 bikini-clad models and 155,000 images to choose from. But when the 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is finally revealed, it will be a global sensation like no other.

CNBC takes blog an unprecedented look inside the most profitable single-issue magazine franchise in the world. Find out how business, beauty, fashion and sports come together to create this much-anticipated, multi-dimensional franchise that alone generated 7 percent of Sports Illustrated’s advertising revenue blog in 2009.

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue means big business not only for parent company Time Inc., but also for the models, advertisers, fashion designers and locations that grace its pages. Rovell gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the scouting, set-up and inner-workings of the photo shoots as he travels to one of the exquisite undisclosed locations and interviews the models vying for the ultimate prize — being featured on the cover of this year’s issue and becoming a household name.

Vacation Plans :: Travel Vacation Business Opportunities Reviews

Standard Travel Industry practice is to book big blocks of rooms, cruises, resorts, and air travel during the peak travel times throughout the year. This practice makes it virtually impossible for the little guy to get a great deal booking a vacation. Travel Industry exerts leverage in this way to maximize inventory and profits. The individual is hard pressed to find any deals even in areas with excess inventory since availability is controlled by this standard industry operating procedure. Since most people can’t travel whenever they want this Travel Industry’s model is very effective and continues to work well for the industry bottom line.

Now if you have the ability to travel at the drop of a hat you can get a better deal but you are still in the grasp of the travel industry’s business model, the Travel Discounters, you know the names. When a drop dead expiration date approaches for the larger travel sellers then this same excess inventory is released into the next part of the food chain which are your Discount Travel Brokers. These brokers pass on some savings to the consumer; yet still control large travel blocks insuring profit and control for their business model. This cycle is repeated week after week and there is always inventory that is perishing. This perishing inventory is sizable and creates a great opportunity, but this opportunity is not open to John Q Public. Well at least that was the case till now.

Primo Vacations Club is a brand new travel and vacation club with a very unique business opportunity attached to it. It is situated to become a leading player in the travel industry which by the way is a 7 Trillion dollar industry. Primo Vacations Club was founded by Rob Hanley and Dave Garven who are also the co-founders of the hugely successful Your Net Biz business opportunity. The aim for Primo Vacations is to provide more unmatched and unbeatable value and service, than any other travel and vacations club, while giving savings of up to 80% on luxury condos, cruises, villas, resorts, and hotels at the most desirable destinations around the world.

Primo Vacations Club was designed to be of great value and opportunity.

There are many travel business opportunities out there that range in price from $2,995 upwards to $9,995. Some of these businesses are Global Resorts Network, MOR Vacations, Resorts 360, and Cruise To Cash; they really are not in the travel business but rather in the opportunity business. What I mean by that is that none of these opportunities allow you to sell a travel membership to the consumer directly like Primo Vacations Club does. Here are the costs associated with these business opportunities: Global Resorts Network $3,500.00 plus $149 monthly, Resorts 360 $3,995.00 or $399 and $249 monthly lifetime, MOR Vacations $1,998.00 plus $149 annual, and Cruise To Cash $977.

None of the above mentioned businesses are set up to sell travel but rather sell opportunity with a travel product. Therefore none of the above mentioned business models actually allow you to carve out a niche in the 7 trillion dollar travel business. Furthermore, internet data shows that there are about 23 million people globally looking to start a home based online business. Data collected from surveys reveals that those people say they are only willing to spend $1,000 to start business. That means that if you chose an opportunity like; Global Resorts Network, MOR Vacations, and Resorts 360, you would have lost 99% of the global opportunity seekers market. Why market to 1% of the global business opportunity seekers and shut yourself out completely from the 7 trillion dollar travel industry?

Here are the facts to support this statement: With the Primo advantage you get a sensational lifetime travel club membership with personal travel concierge at unheard of travel savings of 40-80% and there are never any dues. Plus you get to save on, condos, hotels, all-inclusive resorts, villas, cruises, and air fare. The second advantage, should you choose to pursue the Primo business opportunity, is a fully integrated marketing system complete with website integration and a back office to track all aspects of your business. The marketing system provides you with Professional Business Assistants at no additional cost to do the telling, explaining, and selling to your prospective customers. The back office also includes interactive coaching and training along with live coaching calls to help you learn at your own pace and achieve your goals. The system is can-am spam act compliant with a fully integrated automatic responder to follow up with your prospects with engaging emails. Your prospective customer base is comprised of business opportunity seekers along with consumers searching for inexpensive quality travel. These are just some of the features and benefits that come standard with the Primo Vacations Club opportunity. Compared to the other travel business out there it is an amazing value and bargain at $697.

To recap you can become a Primo Vacations Club lifetime member for a onetime payment of $697 and never pay any dues and enjoy travel savings of 40-80% off forever. If you choose to pursue the business opportunity, you become a club member for a onetime payment of $697 and pay $49 a monthly to maintain your Primo Vacations back office. If you decide not to market the business you can stop anytime but you will always enjoy the travel savings as a lifetime member with no additional costs. Many club members say that they joined for the savings and recouped the cost of their membership with the first vacation they booked and were delighted at how simple it was to make money with the marketing system. If you want to know more about this opportunity you will find a helpful link that will take you to the company tour in my resource box titled Go Primo Vacations.

How to Start a Face Painting Business for Money

The creative business of painting fun and imaginative designs on faces is a good idea for stay-at-home moms and stay-at-home dads wanting to make money. Having the skills to paint faces is also excellent for teens and college students needing part-time work.

A face painting business can be operated on a flexible schedule (generally on weekends at parties and social events) with minimal supplies. It can be a small creative part time job or grow into a larger company, expanded with employees to cover more fairs, parties and events.

Start a Face Painting Business with Research and a Business Plan

As with any business, the first place to start is with research and a business plan. A business plan is a written report of the results of research and mathematical figures. Unless a face painter wishes to run a non-profit organization, numbers will need to be crunched.

Face Paintings Business Plan Ideas

To figure out the feasibility and possibilities of a business, several things will need to be researched. The following ideas are relevant to looking into face painting as a job option.

Check out the competition. What are they offering? What do they charge? Where and when are they painting? How do they advertise?

What supplies does one need for this kind of business?

Where are face painting supplies available? Can a wholesale price be obtained?

How much start-up cash will it take click here to start the business?

How many hours of unpaid practice will it take to become good enough to work with the public?

How about employees or a partner?

What will your prices be?

What licenses, etc. are mandatory in the areas you wish to work?

These and other considerations need to be figured in order to get a clear view of the entire venture. It is helpful to write the information down for future reference.

Keeping Children and Other Customers Safe

Snazaroo face paint products web site offers business and creative advice on their website. Safety for customers needs to be a prime concern. In an click here article by Gary Cole on the Snazaroo, he is insistent that children must be kept safe from inferior paints, writing, “…there is no excuse for using acrylics or other non-safe paints.” Snazaroo is one of a few companies that make very safe paints and and other good quality products.

Snazaroo Offers this Good Advice for Starting a Face Painting Business:

When nearly ready to launch the new business, Snazaroo’s suggestions include investing money in a professional painting kit, including a good selection of face painting brushes in various sizes.

Cole also recommends that once a business is launches, one should begin acting as a professional. When possible, consider ways to advertise, obtain business cards, order a business phone line, and look into applying for a business license and business insurance.

Add these expenses to the business plan and the business will begin to take shape.

For more helpful information, also see the articles Face Painting Ideas for Beginners and How to Paint Faces at a Birthday Party or Event, as well as the website How to Start a Face Painting Business.


Snazaroo Online

Personal interviews with an apprentice face painter, July/August 2009

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